Francis & George Suite

On the theme of the passionate love between Francis Bacon et George Dyer the suite is located on the ground floor of the house, the suite has an area of 28 m2. With its private bathroom it is ideal for couples with a king size bed in 180 plus a single bed in 90..With direct access to the lounge, the communal kitchen and the pool, the Francis and Georges suite is perfect for stays of a week or more.

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francis et georgesA 55-year-old man, a gay man, is approached by another 30-year-old man on a night in 1964 or perhaps an afternoon in an underworld bar in Soho at the time of "Swinging London" where the Homosexuality, tolerated in these places, was still legally a crime. The oldest is rich and famous, the youngest living with rapine and expedients, he has been in prison, he has a good physique, tall, manly looking "hard". The two men will not leave each other for seven years, partners of a thunderous affair that will end with the suicide of the youngest.

This fact was not unknown at the time, because the rich man inaugurated in Paris, the day after the passage to the fateful act of his lover, a retrospective of his pictorial work at the Grand Palais.

However, in this autumn of 1971, Francis Bacon, the painter whose works are today among the most highly rated on the world art market - with those of Picasso - had just lost his companion and his lover Georges Dyer the evil named, the one who had been his favorite model. He will continue after his death to make him many portraits.

His death, however, obscured the last twenty years of this artist then at the peak of his glory. This connection had begun as a love at first sight. There is also a romantic anectote, which circulated among the familiar painter: Dyer would have attempted a "breakage" night Francis Bacon, who would have surprised and had the following reply: "You are well clumsy for a burglar undress, come to my bed, after which you will take whatever you please! "

In this caustic trait there is much of Bacon's personality: a studied and imperious insolence, an art of provocation and irony, a fierce handling of the arrow, a lack of inhibition, but also a Masochistic sexual investment of which the artist made no mystery.