Jean & Jean Suite

The suite Jean and Jean evokes the unconditional love between Jean Cocteau, French poet, writer, painter and playwright and Jean Marais the French actor and visual artist. Located on the ground floor of the house and a surface of 21 m2, with 1 king size bed 180cm, its private shower and toilette room and its direct access to the communal lounge, the kitchen and the pool, the Jean and Jean suite will be the ideal cocoon for a couple.

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jean et jeanMy beloved Jeannot,

I came to love you so much (more than anything in the world) that I gave myself the order to love you only as a dad and I would like you to know that it is not because I am like less but more.

I was afraid - to die of it - to want too much, not to leave you free and to grab you as in the room. And then I was afraid of suffering terribly if you fell in love and you did not want to hurt me. I told myself that if I left you free you would tell me everything and that I would be less sad than if you had to hide anything. I can not say that this decision was very hard to take - because my adoration is mingled with respect - it has a religious, almost divine character - and that I give you everything I have in me. But I fear that you imagine that there is some reserve between us, some discomfort - and that's why I write to you instead of talking to you, from the bottom of my soul.

My Jeannot, I repeat, you are everything to me. The idea of embarrassing you, of taking the helm on your marvelous youth would be atrocious. I was able to give you glory and that's the only real result of this piece, the only result that counts and warms me up.

Do you think you would meet someone of your age that you would hide me or that you would stop loving for fear of despairing me - I would be angry until I died. No doubt it is better to deprive myself of a small part of my happiness and to gain your confidence and become brave enough so that you feel more free than with a dad or a mother. You must have guessed my scruples and anxieties. You are a smart little Jeannot, who knows a lot of things. Only I had to explain to you my attitude, so that you could not for a moment believe that there is the shadow of a shadow between us. I swear to you that I am clean enough and tall enough to have no jealousy and to oblige me to live in harmony with the heaven of our prayers. This sky has given us so much that it must be wrong to ask him more. I believe that sacrifices find their reward, do not scold me, my beautiful angel. I see in your eyes that you know that nobody loves you more than me - and I would be ashamed to put the smallest obstacle on your sunny road. My Jeannot adore me as I adore you and console me. Hold me against your heart. Help me to be a saint, to be worthy of you and me. I only live by you.