Oscar & Alfred Room

Located on the first floor of the house, the 13m2 en-suite bedroom, with its private shower room and toilet, is based on the theme of passionate love between Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas. With its 160 cm bed, this room has access to the living room and shared kitchen by an internal staircase.

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 oscar et alfredFor you, you have given the beauty of life to my past and you will also embellish my future if I have to have one. That is why I will eternally thank you for having inspired me with love and adoration. These days of pleasure have been our dawn. Now, in anguish and sorrow, in sadness and humiliation, I feel that my love for you, your love for me, are the two poles of life, the divine feelings that make this bitterness bearable. Never, in all my life, was anyone dearer to me than you; never was love greater, more sacred, more splendid ...

Dear boy, in pleasures like in prison, you and thinking of yourself have been everything to me. Oh, keep me always in your heart; you are never absent from mine. I think of you much more than myself and if sometimes the thought of my horrible and infamous suffering comes to torture me, the mere fact of thinking of you is enough to restore my strength and heal my wounds. That destiny Nemesis or the unjust gods alone receive the blame for everything that happens to me.

All great love has a tragedy and it is now the turn of ours; but to have known you, to have loved you with so deep a tenderness, to have had you during a part of my life, the only part which I now consider magnificent, is sufficient for me. My passion is short of words, but you alone can understand me. Our souls were made for each other and, knowing yours by love, mine has surpassed a thousand evils, understood perfection and penetrated into the divine essence of things.

Pain, when it comes, can not last forever; It is certain that one day we will meet again and, if my face had taken the mask of sadness, my body would be exhausted by solitude, you and you alone will recognize the soul which is more beautiful for having known the yours, the soul of the artist who found his ideal in you, that of the lover of beauty to whom you appear as a perfect being, as a perfect being. Here I think of you as an angel with golden hair, having in him the very heart of Christ. I now know how much love is greater than anything in the world. You taught me the divine secret of the universe. OSCAR WILDE - May 1895