Alexandre & Héphestion studio

Located away in the garden,in the Alexandre et Héphestion suite, on the theme of travels and the great love of Alexandre, you will find a king size bed in 180 cm, a bathroom and toilet, a refrigerator, television and wifi as well as a terrace private 25m2.
The 32m2 Alexandre et Héphestion suite has air conditioning.

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Alexandre et Hephestion

What do we know about him? Was he as handsome, young, strong as the poets claimed? Héphestion was the lover of the hot Alexander in the 4th century BC. Of obscure origin, the young boy, probably of the same age as the Crown Prince of Macedonia, has an unfailing friendship with him. The two never leave each other, share the same tastes, fight naked together in the palaestra.

Very soon, Héphestion would enjoy growing favor. This simple horseman climbs the ranks of the military hierarchy. Two brothers in arms, two lovers ready to die for each other.

The times gladly encouraged this virile passion which assured soldiers of this pact of love and honor.

Hephestion will be one of the king's seven bodyguards, the elite of the elite. Alexander's lover serves him, protects him, advises him and thwarts all plots. He can thus be intractable, resentful and violent.

When Alexander decides to conquer India, the young warrior is appointed second in command and takes the lead of the column tasked with building a bridge over the Indus. He will then lead the main body of the Carmanian army back to Persia. Better still when, for political reasons, Alexander marries Stateira daughter of the fallen Emperor Darius III, he gives his younger sister, Drypétis to his faithful lover, thus making him his brother-in-law.

Suddenly, the drama. Héphestion died in 324 BC. AD, probably from indigestion. He was 28 years old. According to Plutarch, he would have devoured a boiled rooster and drank two bottles of wine. Mad with pain and rage, Alexander had the doctor Glaucos crucified before erecting a huge pyre for the chosen one, made of the most precious sandalwood sprinkled with priceless perfumes.

He consults the Egyptian oracle of Siwa and the god Ammon replies that the Beloved must have heroic honors, making him a demigod! Ten thousand talents of gold will be spent on the occasion. While the hair of mules and horses is shaved as a sign of mourning, the barbarian captives are slaughtered as a pledge of atoning sacrifice. The death of the young lover nourishes the conscience, but does not calm the tears. Could this death in the prime of life be the price to pay for such a deep love …